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925 Taken in Savanna, Ga

904 - taken at Medeira Beach, Florida


362 Taken in Mt Comfort, IN of frozen fog around old plantation.


381 Frozen fog engulfing a tree in our old neighborhood  - Mt Comfort, IN


396 Same image as B&W mansions shot with fuller view, full color.


481 Taken at the Vineyard church in Mt Comfort, IN


490 Frozen Fog on trees near Mt Comfort, IN airport.


507 Graphic design of old Bible and Jesus profile.


508 Eagle taken on Lake James near Ft Wayne, IN Check out the eagle eye in the background, then look inside the eye. The image of Jesus.


564 This image was truly a blessing. The nail  is from our frontdoor, the hand is from a Sunday school room wall (kid's hands), the cross is a board from our garage, the rest was shadowed in. Just like the "truth" many don't see it right away, then it "pops" out at them. We have heard so many things people thought it was. The most popular being a mushroom. We felt like this image stood out on it's own, no need for words. The magic is not in the image, but in what Christ actually did for us on that Cross.


602 This is an interesting shot, the background is on the Phil Harris golf course, Linton, IN. The bride and groom were actually decorations on top of a wedding cake.


621 This is a very popular print taken into a wood pile at some friend's workshop. The background is from a log home wall, the cross is from a retreat we were on. Simple statement, that opens powerful witnessing doors.


664 Taken in the mountains of Canada.


672 Taken from a watchtower looking over Bull Shoals Lake near Mt Home, Arkansas


743 This is a graphic design using a log home wall picture and copying the chinking over and over to get the crosses.


777 This is a graphic design from a negative image of a tree shot and cut out corkboard to make the cross.


867 Taken on the Phil Harris golf course, Linton, IN at one of our son's golf tournaments.


897 This is Marla's Mom's oldest Bible, and our great nephew's feet from Arkansas. This is a very popular print that we have customized for people.


901 This scenic sailboat was taken at South Haven, MI


915 This fenceline belongs to some friends of ours in Fowler, IN



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