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In addition to retail, WordsDoMatter sells their prints wholesale to qualified retailers. We are in about 25 stores and giftshops in Iniana and Ohio. We have a sales rep group out of Columbus Ohio (Wholesale Mart) called Gr8 Reps. They handle the initial sales and follow up contacts.  To contact a sales rep call 740-586-7840 or call us direct at 317-724-9702.  We wholesale our prints at $3/$6/$9 for sizes 5x7/8x10/11x14.  With a $240 + order we through in 15% in free bonus prints. 


We look for retailers who are passionate about  their stores, and like carrying unique products produced and created in the USA by people who have a story behind their creations.

All images and sayings (with exception to the Bible verses) have been copyrighted by wordsdomatter.com.  Any unauthorized use of these images/sayings is prohibited. Permission is available; please contact us at 317-724-9702 or email at contact@wordsdomatter.com