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Feb 27, 2024
5:35 PM
Lis Vietnam Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (LISGROUP) - Powdered milk factory system, functional food factory: Manufacturing according to gmp standard process, meeting flexible quantities.. .
Address: Adjacent to 16-19, New Urban Area, An Hung, La Khe Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City
Website: https://lisgroup.vn/
Tax code/DKKD/QDTL: 0105716834
Mail: nhamaysxtpcn@gmail.com
Hotline: 0329016668 / 0989386863
Tpcn factory: https://naturecorp.com.vn/
Powdered milk factory: href="https://tadaphaco.com.vn/">https://tadaphaco.com.vn/
#Lis, #giacongthucphamchucnang

Last Edited by Lisgroupvn on Feb 27, 2024 5:43 PM

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