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Words Do Matter
The ............. of Inspiration

Yes, that's right.... we have a card trick ministry.

We have combined amazing illusions with Spiritual messages.

These tricks instantly grab the attention of youth and adults in a captivating way,

opening the door for some amazing spiritual messages. There are around 15

tricks that we can perform weaving a meaningful message throughout.

Great for youth groups, small groups, Bible studies, Sunday schools, gatherings.


Now, we can even cater our messages to be non-spiritual if need be.

We can do sports related messages on teamwork, work-ethic, etc.,

or we can do a success based theme for business applications.


Either way, it makes for a very memorable event. We have complete flexibility of

presentation, timing, and content. Pricing depends on what type of organization,

and what type of  event. Often we can do it for a good-will offering, otherwise

around $100 for a full presentation.

All images and sayings (with exception to the Bible verses) have been copyrighted by wordsdomatter.com.  Any unauthorized use of these images/sayings is prohibited. Permission is available; please contact us at 317-724-9702 or email at contact@wordsdomatter.com