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Farming Prints

189 This is a fence on my granpa's property in Wiota, Iowa


204 This was my grandpa's barn in Wiota, Iowa


378 This is a frozen fog shot of a fenceline in Mt Comfort, IN


764 Thie is a graphic design of a barn image, the fload (in the sky) and a tractor from a parade in Greenfield, IN


889 This old barn against the backdrop of the wind turbines is near Lafayette, IN


892 This barn is along the way to the Covered Bridge festival we do every year in Bridgeton, IN  Over 1,000,000 people show up over 10 days to this town out in the middle of no where.


893 This is a delapidated barn just outside of Bridgeton, IN


906 This Silo belongs to some Amish friends we have in Middlebury, IN (near Shipshewanna).


907 Marla caught this newborn cow on a dairy farm in Middlebury, IN


911 This barn we saw on the way back home to Southport, IN from Franklin, IN driving on backroads.


914 We went to an Amish wedding in Middlebury, IN  there were about 200 buggies lining the field.


917 I wrote this in honor of my grandpa. He didn't really say these things, it just seemed like he might have.

798 Farm image from Bridgeton, IN at the Covered Bridge Festival. We laid the flag image in the clouds.

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