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346 The background image of the guy on a cliff was taken in Canada, the graphic of the flag was taken from another print we do. The saying resonates with anyone claiming victory for something.


763 This tree is on a golf course in Otis Park, Bedford, IN. The saying is great for most teachers classrooms and for teacher gifts from their students.


801 This cool shot was taken in Medora, IN on a trip to the National Maple Syrup Festival where some friends of ours own a Maple syrup farm. See the reflection of the saying in the water? That was difficult to get it turned the way a reflection would read.


831 Image taken on Lake Lemon near Bloomington, IN. Great for anyone who has wondered what it takes to "get lucky". 


811 This covered bridge is in Medora, IN  We were there for the National Maple Syrup Festival put on by Burton's Maplewood Farm.


864 This image was taken on the island of Hawaii. The saying is one of my personal favorites.


871 This sunset image was taken over the bay in Hilton Head Island. The red and white lighthouse is beautiful that time of evening.

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