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907 This newborn cow almost looks like it's smiling. A great shot from Middlebury, IN at an Amish dairy farm.


916 This church is in Hancock county, Indiana, with the sun hitting it just right.


915 This is the fence line near Fowler, In at some friends property.


914 This was a field full of buggies at an Amish wedding we were invited to. Picture taken in Middlebury, IN.


911 We found this old barn on the back roads between Greenwood and Franklin, IN.


906 This Silo is on an Amish dairy farm in Middlebury, IN.


908 This majestic tree is at a state park near Hilton Head, SC.


918 This is a blended graphic of a piece of wood and the Declaration of Independence.


912 This is an image from the Pendleton, IN girls basketball team who we did year end slide shows for.


905 This cool shot is from Vevay, IN. It resonates with any true blooded Hoosier.

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