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111 This story was written in honor of my grandpa who used to hang out at the Village Inn in Ellettsville, IN. Every small town has one. 11x14 only.


138 This came to me in a dream one night. I woke up and started writing. It took about 20 minutes to craft. In actuality, I just moved the pen. This retelling of Jesus's story has brought tears of emotion to many customers, and serves as a great witnessing tool. An awsome gift for any Christian church. 11x14 only


152 This was a fun but sad piece to write. It came on the heels the infamous interference call in the Cubs playoff game. This story resonates with Cubs fans everywhere. Great for baseball memorabilia rooms. 11x14 only.


917 This is a story I wrote about my grandpa. While he didn't actually say these things, he lived them out. Great for any farmhouse. 11x14 only

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