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 Regarding the Anne Ryder feature on WTHR:

How it came about:  We had done a Ping-Pong 4 Parkinson's fund raiser at Lucas Oil stadium during the flower & garden show. On a whim (or directed by the Holy Spirit) we had emailed Anne that she might like the story of pictures, poetry, ping-pong, and parkinson's. She happened to be busy that weekend, but graciously checked out our website. She completely took Marla off guard when she called (I hadn't told Marla about the email). Anne said she fell in love with our work and wanted to do a story... a specific story.


To say the least, we were excited. Anne's idea was to film us capturing a picture of a "moon-bow" a very cool image that we could only catch somewhere in Ky. Then I was to write a story about it. Okay we thought, then researched what was involved. Somehow it just didn't really fit. Anne was assuming we were highly equipped professional photographers from our images (a nice compliment). We are not, we take simple pictures, and write simple words. So, what we asked Anne for was just to come to the house and get to know us, no cameras, no pressure, just share. Then if she still thought there was a story, great we would do it. She obliged.


Anne was one of the most caring, compassionate person we had ever met. We didn't know what to expect, but from the moment she came in our door, she was like an old friend just catching up. We were very impressed. She sat down on our living room floor and we shared for hours, it was awesome. She didn't take a single note. We shared, she shared.


Two weeks later she scheduled her cameraman (Steve, an awesome individual) to come in. They filmed us for about 3 hours. Then the next day, they came with us to the Parkinson's CLIMB class, where we did a ping-pong demo for the benefits of ping-pong as a parkinson's therapy. Joe Schumaker, my good friend from the Table Tennis Club helped me out. Joe is a remarkable character. He will be competing in the Senior Olympics (he's that good). Joe is phenomenal at building people up. He is truly a servant for God.


We haven't yet seen what Anne came up with, but we know her character.... it will be amazing. Thanks Anne, and Steve, and Joe... and all who have helped.

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